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Terms of Use

General Overview

Calenday (“we”, “us”, “our”) has provided these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy in order to explain the way we provide the service to our user and the way users can use our service.

Please, read carefully all the provisions of these two documents since they form an “Agreement” between you, as the user, and Calenday. After starting to use the services we provide, you agree to legally comply with the terms and conditions of Calenday.

Account Conditions

You can cease using our services at any time. Moreover, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time. We may also stop providing service, or include any restrictions to our services. Our service is open to new changes and improvements. Therefore, we may include or delete certain features or any other functionalities.
Calenday encourages the "1 user=1 account on Calenday” rule.
The information on Calenday is not marked as being removed (in case of deleting the data), but it is completely removed.
You are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the password and login on the Calenday account.
You are responsible for the content inside of the accounts on Calenday.

Calenday Privacy Policy

Information related to the collection of information, its use, and protection of personal data can be seen in the Calenday Privacy Policy.


In order to pay for our services, a valid credit card or PayPal is required. The process of billing/payment for the services provided takes place usually monthly or yearly and before it was provided. Calenday doesn’t provide any refunds since the payment is done after the service is provided. There is a 14-day trial period within which you can test our service.
All fees don’t include any taxes and duties which are imposed by local/national authorities. Thus, you are responsible for paying them.

Ownership and Restrictions

Calenday has all the rights reserved (intellectual property rights implied), title, interest, and Calenday database. You, as the user of our service, will make all the efforts to protect the content of the Calenday database from illegal use. The given Terms of Service will serve as a guideline of your behavior and actions which are related to the use of Calenday service.

Calenday’s Guarantee

Calenday will make all the efforts to provide full safety for users’ data and high-quality service. We will strive and contribute to answer to users’ expectations while using our services. The principle of Calenday functionality is on the “as is service” basis.

Forbidden Use

You consent to the following actions:

User’s Warranty

You, as a user of Calenday, guarantee that you have legal capacity, full power, and authority to give your consent and accept the terms and conditions of the given agreement. You will offer legally correct data to Calenday, and you will comply with all the charges and duties that are required by Calenday.


We are entitled to update these Terms of Service. Thus, we may, but we are not obliged to, inform you about these changes. New features that would improve our service, the launch of new tools will be subject to these Terms of Service. In the case when users do not cease to use this service, it is considered as being their consent to modifications. For more information, feel free to contact us at support@calenday.com.

Limitation of Liability

Calenday, its chairs, employees, its suppliers, its representatives will not be in charge of losses of profits, yields, data, financial deficits, punitive damages, or of any other connected issues with Calenday service.

Last Update on December 4, 2020